Remove the hassle of managing your own servers with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). We remotely manage your IT infrastructure by monitoring your software to keep tabs on your IT functions. With consistent server monitoring, our team is alerted when issues occur which results in quicker troubleshoot response times.

Our MSP services are broken down into a server program and workstation management.

Server Program
Keep your server running, available, and secure with our server program. This specific program notifies and reports functions on your business server to our team. The daily active functions are:

• System Log Monitoring
• Daily System Audits
• Software & Application Updates
• Test Backup Systems

Workstation Management
Provide varying levels of coverage by keeping your system and personnel productive with workstation management. This is based on the user, desired results, and budget, all without compromising quality. We remotely monitor your system and receive alerts when issues arise. Our workstation management service is broken into the following services:

• System Log Monitoring
• End User Support Portal
• Remote Management
• Hardware Change Notification

With our specialized infrastructure, Three Rock Solutions is equipped to keep your system running smoothly. This allows you to focus on your business while we focus on running your technology efficiently.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is completely reworking the world’s phone systems. Instead of a regular phone line, VoIP uses a broadband internet connection to make voice calls. Your voice is connected to a digital signal that travels over the internet, yet still rings like any traditional phone call.

Our clients are transitioning to VoIP services due to the low cost. VoIP allows for one flat payment through your internet provider and you no longer pay extra for long-distance or international calls. It also eliminates maintenance fees that arise when moving, adding, or changing employee phone lines. Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45% each month over traditional phone services (IT World).

Other benefits of utilizing VoIP phones are:

• Customization – You can now select a phone number of your choice since you are no longer tied to a specific geographic location.
• Portability – VoIP phones are available all over the world by using any broadband connection to log into your phone.
• Voice-to-Email – VoIP services transcribe your voice messages to text and sends them to a preferred email for your records.

Three Rock Solutions offers fully hosted VoIP services. We handle all your installation, call delivery, and provide support when you need it. You get the full VoIP benefits without the challenge of setting up the service yourself.


When disaster hits, keep your business functioning with the help of Three Rock Solution’s Backup & Recovery services. We work with your business to create customized strategies to manage your system back up and recover your information. You should automatically plan to backup any files and applications required to help you operate your business. Whether that be emails, client records, databases, sales or accounting systems, or any general files keep them safe with backup services.

Here at Three Rock Solutions, we offer two different technology backup programs:

Cloud Backup
Storing data locally leaves it at risk of threats like fire, theft, and natural disaster. Keep a copy of your critical business data off-site in our secure cloud. We offer automated and encrypted cloud backup in highly secure data centers, ensuring that if something happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe.

• Automated backup with flexible scheduling
• Two layers of encryption for maximum security
• Fast and flexible recovery to get you back on your feet

Backup Security
Data loss is on the rise and the ways in which your private information is at risk – from malware to hackers to digital theft – has never been greater. Keep everything safe in our secure cloud, where data is protected by two layers of military-grade encryption and stored in separate data centers located thousands of miles apart.

• Military-grade 256-bit data encryption
• Secure access controls at redundant data centers
• Compliant with major industry and federal regulations

Whether it is a natural disaster or equipment failure, our Three Rock Solutions team is here to protect your technology systems. With our services, you get to leverage the industry’s most secure and reliable recovery solution and data protection service.